Please note the shop is now closed for business due to the launch of my jewellery brand The Windigo.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork, thank you for the support over the years.

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General FAQ below, please read the store Terms and Conditions here before purchasing.


What paints do you use?

I paint with watercolour, gouache and ink. I prefer Dr PH Martins Hydrus watercolours for their intense hues, lightfastness and dropper system which is great for reproducing the same shade time and again. I also like Turner Acryl-Gouache and Golden Liquid Acrylics.

What paper do you use?

I use Fabriano Artistico HP for watercolour painting. It is a Hot Press paper which means it’s smoother than Cold Press – it also means it’s less resistant to lots of water and layers – but is great for lining with pen or ink on a brush.

What pens do you use?

Sakura Micron pens are my favourite for lining. Zig Memory are also good and a little more economical.

Do you do commissions?

Unfortunately, I can't take on commissions at this time.

Can I get one of your pieces tattooed?

Probably, but please drop me a quick email to ask. By its very nature artwork is copyrighted to the artist the moment it is produced. It is illegal to reproduce my work in any form, printed or tattooed without prior written consent. That might sound heavy but it's true.

Generally I am of course very honoured if someone wants to get a piece tattooed but sometimes the piece has already been done and so would not be unique, or for personal reasons I may not want a certain item reproduced. Please respect that and just ask first. It's polite and I will be really grateful for it.

Will you design me a tattoo?

I get asked this a lot and seriously I'd love to but I have to decline and here's why; tattooers are artists, it's their craft. A tattooer knows the intricacies of what translates well into a tattoo-able design.

Research artists, go to someone who has a portfolio full of pieces you totally adore and travel far to them if you have to, not someone down the street because they are cheap and easy to get to. Never choose an artist based on price. Email them with a short message about your general idea, placement and size, then take it from there and give them some creative freedom, this will help get you the best tattoo possible.

Store FAQ

Shipping Options

As standrard items are sent via First Class Royal Mail in the UK, and First Class Airmail internationally.

Original art a signature will be required on delivery but no journey tracking or insurance is included. There is a shipping upgrade option which adds tracking and insurance to your order.

Below are the shipping options for comparision:


Times Costs Service Insurance Tracking Delivery
Standard 1-3 Days Price as per product page -50% off additional items First Class Post None None No Signature
Upgraded 1 Day Standard +£5.50 Special Delivery Upto £250 Yes Signature Required


Times Costs Service Insurance Tracking Delivery
Standard 3-10 Days Price as per product page, -50% off additional items First Class Airmail None None No Signature
Upgraded 2-6 Days Standard +£7.50 International Tracked Upto £250 Yes Signature required